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We Are A World Leader In The Provision Of Security Manpower

We hold the most extensive databases of skilled  manpower in Central & Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, all of which are consistently maintaining their knowledge and always striving to improve their skill sets. Our teams consist of only the most experienced operators in their relevant fields. From our security staff to our logistics and training teams, we hold a wide spectrum of experience varying from ex military personnel to highly experienced and qualified commercial individuals, ensuring that we have all eventualities covered.

As an established service provider, we have a proven and well structured system to find the right person or teams and make sure they are available. We acknowledge that every individual is uniquely suited and qualified for their specific role. The solutions and structure in which we put into practice are comprehensive and up to date. We can accurately select suitable candidates from our vast database quickly, confirm availability and mobilise to meet the most demanding of deadlines.


Elite are approved by the UK’s largest awarding bodies to deliver a wide range of courses to ensure our manpower exceeds international standards


Elite HR teams are highly experienced in recruitment and understand the importance of having a footprint in the relevant countries of operation


Elite are ISO 9001/ ISO 28007 complaint. Standards are upheld wherever we operate

Elite has an industry leading database of licensed, trained and screened manpower available to work anywhere in the world at short notice. 

We pride ourselves on the highest of standards. To that end, no matter what sector, the training and education delivered at our academies is second to none. The qualifications delivered are industry leading and British Government accredited making our clients due diligence process seamless.

Elite holds an extensive database of highly trained, qualified and experienced MSO’s. Our track record of supporting market leading MarSec companies with both Shell and Non-Shell compliant MSO’s is testament to our capabilities and professionalism.

All supporting documents are checked and facilitated including Seaman’s Card and Discharge book, ENG1, Yellow fever certificate, Marlin’s English test, Criminal Record checks, mental health certification and military service and training verification.

Our Recruitment Process

When we wish to hire a security operative(s), we first announce that there is a vacant job position(s). This way, interested candidates will be aware. We then ensure a strong advertisement campaign is launched in order to draw the interest of as many skilled operators as we can. If required, we advertise the position using both offline and online methods – newspaper adverts, radio and TV, social media, online job boards, discussion forums, etc.

All interested candidates are then instructed to converge at a specified location, normally one of our global offices, on a specified date. The application process involves completion of applicant forms as well as a test to assess applicants’ ability to understand and write in English or any other required languages, if requested.

Depending on the employer’s choice, the test phase may include assessments of applicants’ knowledge required to assess and verify their qualifications and ability to take up the job position.

Before proceeding with the next procedures, we carry out various background checks to verify the qualifications as well as criminal records of applicants. Since no one wants to hire an ex-convict as a security operative, to double check all claims at an early stage in the recruitment process is only a smart move that we acknowledge must be done.

We contact the candidates local police and the institutions to verify academic credentials. If any applicant is found to have tendered false or misleading information about their qualifications and past, such applications are weeded off immediately.

After the above-mentioned stages, applicants are interviewed extensively by either in house staff or third parties delegated to handle the process. The interview is aimed at testing the confidence and communication skills as well as other qualities such as their ability to speak and write in English if it is in the interest to the employer.

During the interview, applicants are asked important questions that will help the interviewers make the right choice. Answers given by the applicants during the interview are used to assess various qualities, such as integrity, selflessness, professionalism, respect for others and loyalty.

After the interview phase, one or more applicants will have been short listed. These applicants will then be requested to submit the results of specified medical tests, such as drug and alcohol screening, urinalysis, blood analysis, etc. Our MSO’s are either require to attend an ENG1 Seafarers Medical or a Danish Seafarers Medical. 

A medical check is necessary, as it reveals whether or not an applicant is healthy and fit enough to take up the respected job position, which could be physically and mentally demanding.

If required, Elite International offer a wide variety of internationally recognised and accredited security style training packages as stated within our “Security Training” page of the website. These vary from our prestigious Elite Guard package to Static Guard, Door Supervisor, CCTV, Close Protection, Firearms and Maritime Security Officers.

Using the results of the screening test, medical checks, and background investigation, Elite International choose one or more (depending on number of available slots) successful applicants for the position. After the selection, successful applicants are contacted and given further instructions on what to do next.

No matter how much previous experience our security operatives may have acquired, they will all receive an orientation brief prior to joining the new employer and provided with the hand over take over transition brief and deployed to their respective area of operation.

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