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With a global network of Elite offices and academies in the U.K, Bucharest, Kathmandu, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Nairobi, Elite Romania have a vast pool of fully qualified, fully vetted manpower to call upon at any given notice. We are able to bring foreign manpower in to Romania to facilitate the ever growing demand for Romanias labor force whilst also offering specially recruited, trained & vetted Romanian manpower to international clients. All Elite Manpower are trained in-house at one of our academies, ensuring that each individual exceeds international standards and making due-diligence easy and efficient, bringing clients peace of mind.

Civil Construction



Oil & Gas

Health & Social Care

Logistics & Warehousing

Education & Training

Educational Training

Utilising Elite Internationals robust British education platform and our modern training facilities in Romania, we are able to offer a unique spread of educational courses to facilitate the demand for internationally recognised certification. Below is a list of courses we deliver in Romania. Please visit our non-security training page for more information on our courses.

Level 2 Health & Safety & The Workplace

Level 2 Fire Safety Awareness

Level 3 Education & Training

Level 3 First Person on Scene (FPOSi)

Security Training

Elite Romania have been delivering specialist security training in CenEast Europe since 2012. Our courses cover both Maritime & Land Based security. Elite Romania claim responsibility for the vast majority of qualified and vetted Romanian security specialists operating on the international market. Please visit our training page for more information.

Level 2 Door Supervisor

Level 3 Executive Close Protection

Tactical Firearms

Hostile Environment Awareness Training


Service Support

Expert logistical support is integral to the efficiency of all operations. Our specialist teams can help our clients bridge complex gaps to continually improve and maintain the quality of our services.

Transport Management

Operational Planing

In Country Liason

Security Services

Utilising our highly trained teams, we offer full in-country consultancy and risk management support to clients wishing to operate in Romania. Please visit our security services page for more information.

Protective Services

Project Support

Security Surveys & Audits


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